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Our main goal is to create intelligent and agile solutions on the basis of excellent features to meet customer requirements in local and international region. To achieve the goal, we give our effort to expand our technical and business ability to provide customers with desired features and solutions by developing our own technical programmable resources, expanding our resources in term of technical and programming tools.


Web Development

We have a expert team with many years of ASP.NET development skills and business experiences who able to tailor make...

Mobile Development

Nowadays, mobile development is one of the most popular areas of software development. It allows developer to build a complete...

Data & Analytics

Our data scientists help enterprises harness complex data processing operations to make every day decision-making fact-based and agile...


We do advise on how to use information technology in order to meet your business objectives or overcome problems and...

ERP Customization

ERP/MRP is business process management software that allows an organisation to leverage on an integrated business suite of applications...

Database Solutions

Headache with huge data? Data keep growing with slow performance and data inconsistency? We have a expert team for you...


Web Applications

Price Policy Program

A system that maintain price list which integrate with ERP system & procedure pricing checking list.


Procurement system allows organization to manage organizational spending and it involves finding, acquiring, or buying goods, services, or works.

Tracking Project Statuses

A system to track project status.

Material Requirements Planning

A production planning, scheduling and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes.

Return Authorisation System

System that allows communication between multiple parties to enable smooth end-to-end completion of return process.

Customer Relationship Management

A system to managing company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

OT Monitoring System

A application to link employee clock in/ out data to HR payroll system.

Performance Management System

A KPI system to monitor employee performance within a team framework.

Market Place E-commerce

A system to exploit your full potential, optimise processes and expand business models.

Mobile Applications

Tracking Project Statuses

A system to track project status.

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