Mobile Development

Nowadays, mobile development is one of the most popular areas of software development. It allows developer to build a complete application in a relatively short period of time. The mobile development brings a great entrepreneurial opportunity to most of the programmers. A software developer who lacks the knowledge of building web or desktop application by themselves can also easily build a mobile application now as it is expected to be the small and singular purpose.

We are trying to apply cross-platform mobile development to our mobile software so that our software is compatible with multiple mobile operating systems.

Originally, it is difficult and complicated to build a back end that can support multiple mobile platform. Although it used a lot of time and costly, it was often easier to build native applications for each mobile operating system, even though the purpose could be change for a small part of code that written for the operating system.

Today, it is easier for programmers to develop cross-platform apps. Newer approaches to cross-platform development include:

  1. Hybrid mobile app development – Developer write the application with code in html5 or javascript and then place a native device wrapper around it.
  2. Rapid mobile app development (RMAD) – A programming tool that don’t need developer to code which helps business user to quickly create application to deal with specific business issues.
  3. Windows universal apps – It uses only one codebase that allows the application to run on different platform like Windows PC, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or XBOX.